Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's New!

The days are flying by and with spring just around the corner life is good! The days are getting longer and we have a few new inhabitants here in the garden. Yes, you heard me right, this gang of troublemakers has taken up residence in our garden. We have five pet lambs that we are raising, every year we have a few pets and every year I lose a few more plants in the garden. One year all my lavender was pulled up and eaten or destroyed.

With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of GAA. Two of my three children are heavily involved in hurling, football and camogie; why share this with you? Well, I need to set some shop hours so as not to disappoint people.

I have classes Mon thru Wednesday morning so you can count on me being in the shop on those days, although Monday afternoon is not a great day to stop by. I am however here all day Friday and by appointment on the weekends. As far as Thursday is concerned, please call because that is my only day to get errands done but I am around. I work very hard at trying to accommodate everyone, especially my customers that drive great distances to shop with me.  I am extremely fortunate to have been supported by some fantastic women over the past several years, their patronage and continued support has been a god send and I appreciate each and every customer that walks through my door. So while I try to set some sort of hours please do know that if they don't suit do always call and I will always try to accommodate.

We had a bag workshop here two weeks ago and here are two bags.  Everyone left with a finished bag and hopefully had a great time!  I am planning on another bag workshop, a rucksack is on the agenda. The new schedule of classes are in development and will hopefully be added this week.  We are moving right along with our website and working on developing a user friendly site so that our customers around the country can order online.

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