Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Arrivals

All those brown boxes are filled with the eagerly anticipated Prairie Paisley II and Twirl. A delivery like this is more exciting than Christmas, well for a quilter that is! Due to the courier schedule I am at the start of his route, 8:50 am that fabulous white van pulls up, and the best part is I never know what day the delivery is going to happen. For some that would be annoying, not me.

So, Prairie Paisley II is on the shelves and for the first time ever we have ordered all forty bolts of fabric. The blues and reds are gorgeous; the blues are the reason I purchased the entire range. Each bolt of fabric could stand on its own and be used as a feature fabric.  I also felt that the Prairie Paisley range was perfect for those of us who have boys, lots of paisley and small prints that don't scream flowers and feminine patterns.

Everyone that has passed through the shoppe this weekend has ohhhed and ahhhhhed over this collection.  I already know what I am going to do to show them off.  If I can manage some free time that is.

The creams and tans are pretty awesome as well, maybe I should just move into the shoppe and live with them, such is my utter devotion!

We also received a small collection of Twirl by Me and My Sister Designs.  This is so bright and cheerful, it would be perfect in a little girls room as either a quilt or a decorative item.  With summer coming, it would be the perfect fabric to use in making a rucksack for the beach.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
The lime green and orange is fun and bright.    I for one have had an extremely busy week and am utterly exhausted. Last weekend we had a fantastic time with a quilting weekend and this Saturday we had a full class in our Bag Workshop with zippers.  Zippers are easy and nothing to fear and everyone left with their completed bag. I will load some pictures up as soon as I can. Have a great week everyone and happy sewing!

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