Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jelly Roll Class

Starting on 19 September, Thursday evening and possibly on Wednesday morning 18 September, we will be offering a fun Jelly Roll class.  Jelly rolls are a fantastic precut collection of fabrics created by the Moda Company and are the perfect solution for quilters looking to make a gorgeous quilt when time is at a premium.  I've always felt that Jelly Rolls are perfect for people new to quilting who want a scrappy look but don't have a stash quite yet.  You open your jelly roll and start sewing!

Here is a picture of the 60 degree quilt!  There are a number of options, these are just two.

I have gotten alot of questions about the classes and whether people are capable or am I going to learn anything, so I thought I would put  this post together.

First, everyone is capable of doing all the classes.  This isn't rocket science although there is a good bit of engineering involved sometimes.  Each class offers a unique experience and is filling a certain box or need. The Kim Diehl class is labour intensive but easy to do, it requires creativity with regards to use of fabric choices and the applique work is by machine and can be tricky.  The Pineapple quilt is also labour intensive and will challenge you to create a look with colour. The Pineapple quilt is all the rage with US quilters right now, a truly vintage quilt that every quilter should have in their collection.  The Jelly Roll quilt is the perfect quilt for those of us who have busy lives and just want to pick up strips and start sewing, there are tricks to making it all work and the patterns we will be working with are not easy but the project is perfect for those who only have small amounts of time for sewing.

There is a Fast and Fun class that is geared toward alot of people. Those who want a break from larger projects, or people who want to work on small projects and build up their confidence with their sewing and then the gals who want to learn how to do zippers and create fun small projects for gifts.

There is one thing that I do know, and that is, that it is more fun to create and share the journey with others than to travel alone.  The classes are about learning, making friends and enjoying a common passion.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Autumn Schedule 2013

Good Lord has it really been 5 months since I posted?!  This summer has been the toughest summer, my workload has quadrupled and although we had a fabulous July weather wise I am seriously looking forward to it being over.  Terrible I know.

Anywho, I am in the process of loading up the new term classes. I still have alot going on over here; semi-finals, quarter-finals etc and of course there are still B and B guests roaming around downstairs so please bear with me.  I should just scan in the pages from my notebook but I'm afraid my handwriting might be slightly illegible.

This quilt is from Carrie Nelson's Blog, La Vie En Rosie and I stole the picture without her permission, mea culpa!  I needed to share something and sadly at midnight I have resorted to stealing because I'm too lazy to go thru my photos from this summer.  This is one of the beauties we are going to be teaching this term in class.  A pineapple quilt, every quilter should have one in their press.  This is also a project that can be done as a 2 colour project, modern fabrics, brights and of course a scrappy traditional like the one above.  It uses 1 1/2" strips so a great project for using up scraps.  Ok folks, time to go to bed! Long Day Ahead!!!!

Ah, look another stolen photograph that I just swiped.  This is a two colour version.

Bye All,
Anne Marie