Thursday, March 8, 2012

Appliqué II

This Sunday, 11 March, we are hosting an Appliqué II workshop.

I have made two pieced blocks and am using the appliqué block that you see as my middle block for a gorgeous spring table runner. This project evolved as part of a weekly class that takes place on Monday mornings. I developed the idea after we all discussed what skills everyone wanted to learn or improve on. Although I am a huge machine enthusiast, I do recognise and appreciate how important hand sewing skills are. Some of us are going to scallop our borders and others might be adding prairie points. A table runner is, in my humble opinion, the perfect project to use for developing certain skills. It takes very little time, not terribly expensive and best of all, if you don't enjoy the technique your learning it won't take you forever to complete the runner. Can you imagine trying a new technique on a king size quilt and half way through it you're wondering if you'll ever complete it? Or better yet rolling it up in a ball and shoving into the back of the press swearing you'll never touch it again! sadly we all have projects like this.

I believe that everyone is capable of learning and perfecting a wide assortment of skills and creating beautiful quilts. Hopefully these classes encourage women to believe in their abilities and become more confident in what they could achieve.

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