Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Holidays

Absent as always, never a very consistent blogger but those of you who know me know how crazy things are in our home!  My niece was visiting for a week, she arrived from Bellingham Washington and here is one of her "little cousins" greeting her at the airport.
This summer I have been spending time with my kids; we took time to enjoy my niece will she was here. She was particularly impressed with Dublin and loved walking the narrow streets of Wexford town shopping.  We moved back to Ireland in Jan 2002 so it is fun to see our home through the eyes of a visitor.

The B&B has been chugging along keeping me busy and thanks to our fabulous weather the quilt shop has seen quite a bit of activity the past two weeks.

We have a lot of gorgeous fabrics arriving, some of them are for Christmas and we have the Lake House Fabrics arriving for the Block of the Month that we will be doing this September. Both of the BoMs are designed by Shabby Fabrics, Sweetheart Houses is mostly applique and is a gorgeous quilt for that special little girl in your life or as some of the women have said it is the perfect wall hanging for your sewing room.  The second BoM is Penelope's Garden which is pieced blocks with an applique centre.  I will post pictures soon.

Sew, I know you need to see something quilty and I haven't done much the past few weeks in quilty department.  These two quilts are called the "Twins" and they were done by my sidekick Jackie.  It is the Boston Commons block and they are fabulous when you see them side by side. I love these quilts so much, Jackie dropped off the pattern to me and I am itching to do it. Another idea for a class maybe, need to talk to Jackie about the construction.  Working on a few class ideas for August and preparing for September.

It has been a lousy summer weather wise here in Ireland but it has been a lovely to spend time with my niece and kids. Stay tuned will be back shortly with lots to share!

Happy Sewing!
Anne Marie

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  1. I though the twins looked familiar, LOL, they are great. What a small world, my father lives in Bellingham, we're off to meet up in Norway next week