Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tablerunner a La Hexagon

Sew, this weekend I have been working on my spring tablerunner. This is the tablerunner that I showed in my last post. I have been working from my Sizzlin Sixties book of patterns by Heather Mulder Peterson. Using the new fabric that arrived last week, Butterfields, my Garden Party pattern and a sixty degree triangle ruler; let the fiesta begin.  First, I cut 2 strips from each 1/4 yard and three strips from the half yard of cream fabric. Now I would love to tell you the exact measurements but since this is not a pattern I designed and there are copyright issues you will just have to either figure it out yourself or buy the book! Sorry but dems de rules....  And just for the record, all of my customers that have bought this book and ruler have admitted to becoming addicted and can't stop at just one project.  Perfect for using up all those pretty jelly rolls, I know I have made over half the projects in the book!! Anywho, I picked the colour pairs that I felt worked best and then the sewing and subcutting began.

I then laid out all my triangles, half hexagons and half triangles.  Trying to balance the colours and changing hexagons around.  I did discover a mistake or what I think is a mistake; the half hexagons are supposed to be cut by placing the bottom of the 60 degree triangle at the 8 1/2" line and cut, however these half hexagons are two small. I worked out that if you cut 10" long rectagles and then using your triangle cut the angles the half hexagons will the perfect size.  I know this is seriously confusing but trust me the way it is explained in the book doesn't work.

After dinner today I started to sew the half hexagons into rows and then the top three rows together.
This is the type of pattern that requires a bit of space for laying it out.  In fact this pattern has to be laid out and just doesn't work unless you sew all the rows together first and keep an eye out for your seam directions but also because you are sewing in rows and not actually sewing the hexagon together first.

This project has been the perfect project for me, complex and challenging but finished in no time.  I have been in a bit of a funk lately and I needed something to help me get my groove back.  Running the shop, teaching classes and raising a family can keep me from doing alot of sewing and sometimes you need that special project that gives you a boost and leaves you craving more!!!

Especially when your seams come together like this, ahhhh  perfection!
Tomorrow, the remaining three rows and some applique and if we are really on a roll then maybe some free motion quilting!!

Happy sewing,
Anne Marie

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