Sunday, September 9, 2012

Colourful Kites part II

I thought I would continue tonight with my fun project, I was working on it briefly late this afternoon and rather than wait and forget about a follow up post, I decided to make a post tonight.  Remember I told you that after you add the third piece you would press them open and then trim.  Well, here is a photo of the block with the ruler on it before I trim.

I would line up the centre V with the pieced block and you can see the dashed line is your 1/4" seam allowance.  By using this specialty ruler you get a perfect square, no points cut off!  But no specialty ruler is going to work unless your original cutting and sewing is straight and precise.

Okay, you have trimed all your pieced blocks, what can be do with them.  I have a few photos of blocks that I have placed on the cutting mat.
This is how it would look if the blocks are sewn side by side.

You would have some great secondary patterns by sewing them this way.
Here is a possible sashing and post setting and as you can see I turned my four squares in the opposite direction as the photo above. I prefer the above photo but I thought you might like to see it positioned differently. Also, if you wanted to really get complicated you could have alternate colours for your outer triangles. So instead of all white diamonds, your diamonds would be two colours.  I think the design possibilites could be fun to explore.

I will leave you with this and will hopefully have more to show you later in the week.

Take a look at our workshop listings, a nice selection of classes are on offer as well as some quilt weekends.  Treat yourself to some fun and bring a friend along!

Happy Sewing.
Anne Marie


  1. oooh, i like the sashed version!!

    just a thought, i sometimes have real problems getting the security code right, and get tempted not to bother with a comment - do you need it on?

  2. love the top block but the bottom one is growing on me more & more - amazing the different looks you can get from the same squares.

  3. What a colorful and fun quilt block! I am just tickled to have discovered your blog.