Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bags with Zippers

We all love to make bags. They make great gifts, both for our friends and relations, as well as for ourselves! The beauty of making bags is that they can usually be completed over a weekend, economical compared to making a king size quilt! Bags also can serve many purposes; handbags, knitting, sewing, and books, you name it a bag is useful. Most of the patterns we use are "bucket" style and are open at the top. Do you know how to insert a zipper in your patterns? It isn't that difficult and some of our most popular designs can be adapted to use a zipper. If this is something that you want to learn, come join us on 18 February, Saturday for a day long workshop making a bag. The cost of the day is €25 and kits will be available in a variety of colours and prices.

This bag is from Penny Sturges, she is the designer behind the very popular Charm Bag.  Penny places her zipper at the very top of the bag and you have the option of leaving zipper out if you desire. The zipper has tabs at each end, if you click on the picture above you can see what exactly I am talking about. This bag was made this past Sunday and is a great size with loads of interior pockets.  I made a few changes; I left off the exterior pocket and I added an inch to the width of the shoulder strap. I love the fabrics, really bright and spring like.  They are from the Ohhh La La Collection from Henry Glass Fabrics.d

I'm going to make a second bag that has a different method of installing a zipper so that you can see the difference.  The second bag is from another of my favourite "bag" designers Lazy Girl Designs by Joan Hawley.  Her zippers are sewn into the body of the bag and in my very humble opinion it is a better finish. Now that is just my opinion, both designs are easy and look great in a variety of fabrics.

Happy Sewing!
Anne Marie

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  1. hi anne marie! The place looks amazing, I bet your glad its all finished:) I wish I was able to attend some of your amazing classes! Hope all is well with you, the family and the tuesday night girls!
    Mel x