Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Shop Update

As you can see from the pictures, the current shop is getting a little snug! Christmas fabrics and panels are all in stock now as well as two new lines for the autumn. We are feverishly working on the new shop and classroom here and hope to be in there very shortly.

The new lines that have arrived are Sandy Gervais' Reindeer Games with a panel and Deb Strain's Christmas line called Nature's Gift and that also comes with a panel. I also chose a line of fabric that is not what I would typically purchase for the store but thought I would give it a try and that is Red Rooster's line called Winterberry Lane by Whimsicals. It is a very countryish style and there is a lovely panel in that line as well. What appealed to me was the use of Shiva Paintstiks in the Whimsicals Christmas book that came out with the line of fabric. Let's just say it is a fun and great way to embellish your christmas projects. There will be a workshop this autumn and I will get a photo of the wall hanging that I completed so that you can see what I am jabbering on about.
I have received a number of phone calls and emails from people enquiring about the new shop and when we will be open. My answer is hopefully soon, before the end of September. In the mean time please feel free to give me a call if you want to stop by, 087*651*2109 and browse. I am always home and more than delighted to make arrangements for a visit. Please call before travelling to see us, I would hate for you to be disappointed if you showed up and the only ones here are the men in the family. Yikes, you would get a warm welcome but they would be useless in the shop.

I did receive an email from someone (asking about opening hours) but unfortunately I could not respond because your email address is blocked - Hi mel, give me a shout if you want to stop by!

Anywho, have a good week and happy sewing! Check out our class and workshop schedules for upcoming classes!

Happy quilting everyone
Anne Marie

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