Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zippers Galore!

Zippers have to be the most misunderstood and dreaded techniques in sewing. Personally I think making a button hole is a torture of extreme proportions but that is a different story all together! So many of our customers enjoy the bag making process but they have all come to the bridge that must be crossed. Like a rite of passage, one progresses onto more complicated patterns and the bridge that must be crossed is zippers.

I have been reading about Terry Atkinson's fantastic and reasonably priced zippers on many blogs. The quilt shops on the other side of the Atlantic were raving about them so I thought why not over here! The zippers are made by YKK, are 14" long and the best part is they are €1.50. There are 36 colours to choose from and believe me some of the colours are beautiful.

I sell Terry's patterns and as you can see from the first photo that these small bags would be great as a cosmetic bag, sewing kit for all your bits and bobs or a gift for your quilty/crafty friends. My daughter uses them for all her hairbands and assorted treasures.

The beauty of this project is that first you have three sizes - three different dimensions, this is not a one size fits all. Secondly, these bags use up scraps, the pieces are essentially leftover strips. I made the first bag following the directions religiously and after making several I started using up some of the bigger pieces I had and created a number of different looks.

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